A big thanks to our sponsor, Striped Hat Studio for their support of our podcast!

Believing that greeting cards are more than just paper and ink, Striped Hat Studio’s cards give you the opportunity to say Happy Birthday, Thank you or thinking about you in funny and creative ways that are guaranteed to make your friend, loved one or even your co-worker laugh!

A little backstory on these cards: Shannon, the founder of Striped Hat Studio and our sister-in-law/sister, created this card line after she had breast cancer in 2015. So many people told her that they didn’t know what to say to someone dealing with cancer, that Shannon realized there was an incredible need for honest, funny and empathetic greeting cards. So Striped Hat Studio was born and she created her first greeting cards specifically for cancer patients. Those cards were a hit, and she then began to grow and expand her card line.

Go shop all of her cards at www.StripedHatStudio.com