Episode 28 - Power & Position: Religious Leaders Should Use it for Good and Not Harm

Power dynamics in churches...not something we like to talk about often, especially in today's political and social climate. It's hard but necessary for religious leaders to think about the power they wield in relationships and how it impacts those they communicate with. Especially in a religious context, power is often abused, causing trauma and broken connections. This can lead people to be hurt by the religious leaders that they tend to trust the most.

Discussing power in relationship dynamics is very tricky, and is not something we look at lightly. Religion has not always been the safe place it needs to be for the oppressed and at times has been a cause of much hurt and shame from people in powerful positions.

From pastors and ministers to teachers and bosses, how can we be mindful of the power we hold as individuals? What are some of the ways people subtly abuse power through their words and actions? Can we recognize ways in which we can use our own power and influence to raise the voices of those around us? Can we learn to use power in healthy ways, working for the good of the community at large? Our hope is that this conversation will be one small lean towards a healthy awareness of our interconnectedness.