Episode 40 - Faith Deconstruction: Finding Your Own Answers with Stan Mitchell

“In the most general sense, faith deconstruction begins with people realizing that the answers they possess are answers they have memorized that were achieved or developed by other people or authority figures…they were not their own answers. The demand of deconstruction is not that you find different answers, though often that happens, but that you ask the questions and find out for yourself.”

Questions about faith are often unnerving...for those asking them, and for those hearing them. When those we love ask hard questions, the temptation is to give someone an answer to hold onto rather than to sit with them as they find the answer themselves. The church simply must make space for the process of asking hard questions and discovering answers.

We were able to sit down again with our friend Stan Mitchell to talk about faith questions and what it's like to walk the road of faith deconstruction. Stan is the founding Pastor of GracePointe Church in Nashville, TN and is a leader of an online community called Everybody Church. We discuss with Stan why asking spiritual questions is a healthy practice that ultimately leads to a deeper faith formation if we are willing to do the work of walking the journey.