Episode 31 - Originally Sinful or Originally Blessed: What if We Have Thought About it Wrong All Along?

Often there are ideas and theologies that we are taught that we hold onto for a while in life, but that eventually we realize need reframing and rethinking. The doctrine of “original sin,” the idea that every human being is born completely separated from God by sin inherited from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, is one that many Christ followers have believed and lived into, though its roots can’t actually be traced back the creation stories in Genesis. Instead, what we see in the creation story is a story of God giving human beings an identity of “original blessing”.

How did we end up with a doctrine of original sin? What would it look like to live into our original blessing, and let that be the identity that frames our lives? What if we looked at “blessed” as our identity as people instead of a “reward” from God? Dive into this conversation starter with us as we talk about original sin vs. original blessing.

Book referenced in podcast is Original Blessing by Danielle Shroyer