Episode 34 - Finding Full LGBTQ+ Affirmation: A Conversation with Stan Mitchell

We are excited to share our conversation with Stan Mitchell with you on Finding Free Podcast! This episode is a must-listen for our community. Stan is Co-Founder of Everybody Church, an online community created as a haven for anyone feeling spiritually homeless, but specifically as a place of inclusion and affirmation for those in the LGBTQ+ community who have been harmed and ostracized by the local church. He spends a lot of his time now working with families and churches as they navigate how the Bible supports affirmation and love of individuals regardless of their sexuality.

As Craig and I studied the Bible with respect to LGBTQ+ inclusion, we found it so helpful to listen to other voices that were focused on the Biblical text and true to the message and life of Jesus. Stan has been one of those voices. His depth of knowledge and scriptural wisdom, coupled with his ability to clearly communicate that message, helped us navigate our path from a traditional/literal theology to an inclusive way of looking at scripture. We are so glad you can join in on our conversation and know that Stan will be one of those voices for you as well.