Episode 36 - Trauma & Our Bodies: An Interview with Therapist Sarah Lewis

Any amount of research on stress and your body will tell you that chronic unresolved stress has a negative impact on your overall health. But what happens when life hands us more than stress, and in fact, we have to deal with experiences that are traumatic? Some trauma is easy to recognize because of the severity of the experiences themselves, but other traumatic experiences may be harder to identify, making it more difficult to get the help that is needed.

We are delighted to share our most recent conversation with Sarah Lewis, who is a Licensed Trauma Therapist.

Join us as we talk with Sarah about how to deal with trauma, learn how it impacts our bodies, and listen as she identifies the reasons so many people suffer from unresolved traumatic experiences. Most importantly, we discuss the path to healing and wholeness that is possible for anyone struggling with the effects of trauma in their lives.