Episode 37 - Sexual Abuse in the Church: An Interview with Survivor Keith Morris

Trigger alert: sexual abuse, rape, sexual trauma, religious sexual abuse

There are some experiences none of us want to have inside knowledge about. Yet too often the unbelievable happens, and we find ourselves living through experiences that are so horrifying, our lives are instantly and forever changed.

Keith Morris grew up as a preacher's kid with a life that revolved around church in every way. As a young preteen in the 1970's, Keith was was befriended, groomed and sexually abused repeatedly by a family friend and prominent religious figure of the time. After the abuse ended Keith turned to alcohol to help him cope with the trauma, which led him further down a spiral of pain.

It took Keith years to understand and work through the trauma of his experiences. He has since given his life to sharing his story, traveling and teaching about sexual abuse, advocating for abuse victims and working to change laws that hold abusers accountable: all giving hope to others facing similar experiences.

We consider it an honor to have Keith Morris with us to share his story, and hope that it will bring light and awareness to the epidemic of sexual abuse, religious abuse and sexual trauma.

This is not an easy listen. But it is important. If at any time you are triggered or need to talk through personal experiences on this subject we urge you to contact the National Sexual Abuse Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.