Episode 38 - Faith Deconstruction: Craig Shares Experiences From his own Journey

Deconstruction is a bit of a buzz word these days, but for right reasons. Many people, especially those who grew up in a church atmosphere, find that at some point they need to rethink, unpack and “deconstruct“ the theology, ideas and foundations that they were given early in life, sorting out elements that caused harm and eventually finding their way to a more complete and wholistic theology. This process is a necessary part of spiritual growth, but can be scary and alienating. In some church settings “doubt“ and “questions“ are even viewed as a lack of faith or even sin. In this episode, Craig shares part of his own story of deconstruction and talks about what it was like to walk through doubts and questions in a church setting. He shares how he has processed both positive and negative church experiences, and gives thoughts on how to be helpful if you or someone you know is experiencing faith deconstruction.