Episode 42 - Holding Space & Sharing Stories: An Interview with Zachary Pomeroy

Stories matter. Telling our stories matters. And hearing the stories of others matters.

It is in the telling of our own stories that we claim our own beauty, claim our own experiences, claim that we matter.

And it is in hearing the stories of others stories, in holding space for what is real for someone else, that we become more fully and beautifully human ourselves.

Craig and I are honored to hold and share Zachary Pomeroy’s rich and powerful story of discovery, heartbreak and healing. Zach is a native of Greenville, NC and is creator and owner of La Fletcha Film Co., a creative and visual storytelling agency in Greenville focused on sharing experiences and stories through photography and film. Most recently, La Fletcha Film Co. has been involved in producing the documentary film You Belong Here, a beautiful highlight of the LGBTQ+ community in eastern North Carolina and an impactful report on suicide and the queer community.

We invite you into this space knowing that you will hear things that are difficult, humbling and transformative. It certainly was that for us as we had this conversation with Zach in our small and sweaty podcast shack in late June. But Zach's is a story we all need to hear and we are honored to bring it to you.

TW: conversion therapy, suicide.