Episode 44 - LGBTQ Conversations in Local Churches - Part 2: A Conversation with Stan Mitchell

Many organizations operate in shadowed ambiguity, rather than clarity when it comes to who can do what in the organization, and churches are no exception. Unwritten rules are often enforced leaving individuals confused and hurt when they realize the 'All are Welcome' slogan really doesn't apply to them.

Can a woman preach? Will the pastor officiate a same-sex wedding? Will the church hire gay clergy? Can I be baptized and take communion? Churches have the opportunity to be upfront and clear about their policies, theology and practices - and having this information clear and publicly accessible is the kindest and most gracious way to love others.

In this episode we bring back our friend and colleague Stan Mitchell. Stan was founding pastor of Gracepointe Church in Nashville, TN and walked with that church through the process of becoming an open and affirming church in 2015. Stan has since mentored numerous churches and families as they wrestle with their own stories of inclusion. In Part 2 of the LGBTQ Conversation in Local Churches series, Stan gives us his insight on why these conversations are difficult but necessary in local churches.

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