Episode 45 - Our Response to the SBC Statement on Women in Ministry

This June, the Southern Baptist Convention approved an amendment to the Baptist Faith and Message to be approved next summer during their Annual Convention. The amendment restricted women in ministry, who were already not supposed to hold lead pastor roles, from having any pastoral position, where the title of 'pastor' was deserved.

The role of women in ministry has been debated and debocled for years within some Baptist denominations. Yet the Bible provides us with story after story of women: following and learning as disciples, serving in and funding the ministry of Jesus, teaching and leading others, receiving and following Jesus' teachings to share their stories with those around them.

Why are we still talking about this? Jesus celebrated and supported women in ministry so why shouldn't we? In this episode, Craig and Amy share their reflections, frustrations and thoughts about the recent SBC decision. No, we are not Southern Baptist, but when a large denomination makes a statement like this; it is up to those standing with women in ministry to speak loudly against oppression and discrimination.

Music by: Tucker Fry

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