Episode 46 - Leaving Christian Evangelical _undamentalism - We Got the "F" Out!

In this episode, our friend Jeff Bell joins us to talk candidly about what it was like to grow up in and be a part of Christian fundamentalist evangelical organizations and churches in the 90's. We discuss what it was like to have this as our main faith experience during our formative years and what it was like to come out of that way of thinking. What did we have to unlearn? What evangelical teachings never set well with us? What was our journey to move past evangelical fundamentalist thinking? Christian fundamentalism had big impacts on our lives that took us years to unravel. In this episode, we share the highs and lows of what we learned and what we learned to unlearn as we grew up and out of Christian fundamentalism. And of course, Jeff Bell brings his much needed humor to what can be a hard and triggering conversation.

Chances are that if you are a regular Finding Free Podcast listener, you have spent significant time thinking about the Church. Maybe you grew up going to church and you think differently now about church than you used to. You could struggle with how what many Americans think of as church looks nothing like the actual Jesus of the Bible. You may have even left the whole church thing behind and not given it another thought. Wherever you find yourself in this mix, or if you are just looking at it from afar - you are not alone. Come share a few drinks with us and listen as we laugh (and at times cuss) our way through sharing our breakup with Christian evangelical fundamentalism - because well, IYKYK (If You Know You Know).

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