Episode 48 - Purity Culture, Sex and the Church - Part 2

TW: purity culture, rape culture, sexual abuse

Explicit Content: Language, Sexual Content - masturbation, orgasm gap, general make-you-blush adult content.

In Part 2 we continue the conversation about purity culture and its impacts. We talk more about how conversations about purity and sex can be done better, focusing on dialogue about consent, body autonomy and integrity rather than shame and silence.

If you grew up in an Evangelical church in the 1990's, chances are you were exposed to the purity culture mindset. Though purity culture began with the intention of encouraging teens to postpone sexual encounters until marriage, the lasting effects have had significantly negative residual consequences. So what was purity culture exactly, what was its impact and where do we go from here?

We bring back our friend Jeff Bell to talk openly and honestly about our personal experiences with purity culture, sex and the church. We discuss everything from the orgasm gap to masturbation and how the lasting impacts of the purity culture mindset still impact many people today. It's time to hand purity culture, sexual shame, purity rings and lack of positive conversations around sex back to the church and simply say - We can do better! This is a two part series that you don't want to miss!

Music by: Tucker Fry
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Produced & Edited by: Craig Andrews


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