Episode 49 - Faith Deconstruction: A Hard Journey that Challenges the Church to Show Up

"The next hard road for the Church will be walking with and beside those that are deconstructing their faith, taking it apart either in small bits and pieces or altogether, putting it back together in part or sometimes not at all. The question is, how will the Church show up for people in this space?" ~ Amy Andrews"

The topic of faith deconstruction can be a hot button issue...but does it have to be? As we grow in faith we often grapple with questions that are no longer satisfied with easy answers. We need more. Sometimes we begin the process of letting go of what no longer fits. Like old clothes that just don't wear well, sometimes we find out our old ideas don't comfort us like our favorite sweatshirt, and we need something to change. Sometimes just a few things need adjusting in the way we understand how God works in the world. Sometimes it is much more comprehensive and involves taking apart every last bit of what we have held dear for so long and deciding what needs to stay and what needs to go.

In this episode, we discuss how lonely the deconstruction process can be, what it's like when spouses have different faith beliefs and how the church can respond. This is an important conversation about holding space for 'what is' for each us. The process of asking questions and waiting for answers doesn't have to provoke fear, though it often is riddled with anxiety and worry from those in the process themselves or those watching others walk that path. How can the Church hold space, create stopping points of peace and allow room for the process of deconstruction?

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