Episode 50 - Finding Your Free and Feeding Your Soul

When Craig and Amy started Finding Free Podcast in 2020, they thought a lot about the podcast name. They settled on Finding Free Podcast because they wanted to focus on the freedom and liberation that can come from pushing yourself to break out of the metaphorical places where you feel stuck and bogged down. This podcast was designed to give space to talk about hard topics with authenticity and vulnerability and for the Finding Free listening community to gain strength in hearing and sharing stories of growth.

In this episode, Craig, Amy, and Jeff talk about the practices and activities that enable them each to live life from a space of generosity and freedom. From looking at beautiful mountain views to time spent at the beach or doing creative things, they discuss several different ways they have found to feed their souls. Whether through travel or nature, people or adventure, making time to do things that are life-giving and spirit-freeing is crucial to one's personal physical, mental and spiritual health - and it's often the first thing to go when life gets busy and overloaded. When life gets busy and hectic, how do we give ourselves permission to breathe and how do we become grounded once again?

What are the activities, places, rituals, or people that help you remember who you are at your core? When do you remember feeling most alive, unhindered and free? We hope this episode will inspire you to reflect on what brings you joy and freedom and will encourage you to prioritize doing just that.

Explicit Content: Language
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