Episode 51 - Holiday Story Time

Grab your comfiest blankets and a mug of something great and listen to some stories of holidays past. Laugh as Craig talks about the time his grandpa accidentally got sloshed at a family gathering. Giggle as Amy shares her most memorable Christmas present (double AA batteries required). And Jeff has a family 'oops' moment that will have you in stitches. And much more!

In this episode we share memorable holiday moments from our growing up years. Some are 'remember when' stories that have been talked about at family gatherings time and time again. Others are more serious and somber, as we talk about loved ones who are with us no longer. It's funny, sentimental and also a reminder to slow down and let the light of love in where possible.

Explicit Content: Language
Music by: Tucker Fry
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Produced & Edited by: Craig Andrews