Episode 54 - Leaving Behind Rapture Theology with Chaplain Megan Joyner

If you grew up in the evangelical church culture, you are probably no stranger to rapture theology. Maybe you remember hearing detailed stories told about what the end of the world would be like or you may have poured over the Left Behind book series, using it as a map for what was to come. Where did this theology come from and is this the only way to view the "end of the world as we know it?" (If you are now singing REM, you are welcome).

If that rings a bell for you (or sounds a trumpet with some type of being riding in on a white horse) then you will feel right at home with our conversation on all things rapture. Joining us on this episode is Megan Joyner, a chaplain with the U.S. National Guard. We discuss how growing up with a fear based rapture theology impacted our thoughts and faith both then and now.

Explicit Content: Language
Hosts: Amy & Craig Andrews, Jeff Bell
Guest: Megan Joyner
Music by: Tucker Fry
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Produced & Edited by: Craig Andrews