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Finding Free Podcast is a place for exploration and wandering, where you can sift through your own life and faith, and uncover the truths about yourself that have been there all along. Amy and Craig Andrews are regular people who want to create safe space for all to explore questions of faith and culture.

Our hope is that these conversations can be a place for you to interact with real stories of real people learning what it means to truly live out their full, meaningful and authentic lives. May this be a space for you to find rest, community and encouragement for your own journey to finding your free, even when it doesn’t always look like what’s expected.
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Episode 41 - Limping Into the Kingdom with Layne Rogerson

Every experience we have in life impacts us. Some experiences leave a huge impact, like a canyon in the desert. Others might leave such a tiny ripple that we don't even notice the effects. Religious trauma, hurts from the institutional Church, or any pain we experience at the hands of those who represent the spiritual to us are deep wounds that leave an impact that often takes years to process.

This sermon that our dear friend Layne Rogerson gave at Cedarbridge Baptist Church in Greenville, NC back in June of 2021 speaks to this very idea. Layne shares parts of her family's story and weaves in the truth that even amid pain and struggle, God is at work, moving all things toward redemption and blessing. With Layne's permission we wanted to share this sermon with the Finding Free community and talk about why it was so meaningful to us.
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Episode 40 - Faith Deconstruction: Finding Your Own Answers with Stan Mitchell

“In the most general sense, faith deconstruction begins with people realizing that the answers they possess are answers they have memorized that were achieved or developed by other people or authority figures…they were not their own answers. The demand of deconstruction is not that you find different answers, though often that happens, but that you ask the questions and find out for yourself.”
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Episode 39 - Just for Laughs: Dad Jokes with Craig Andrews and Jeff Bell

Recently Craig and Jeff Bell did a “dad joke” video for Cedarbridge Baptist Church as a fun way to highlight Father's Day. Some of you have seen this video, but what you didn’t see was the rest of the almost full hour of what they recorded. In this episode, we are releasing the full unedited version, and for laughs, we even included soundbites of Amy trying to get the intro right at the end.
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Episode 38 - Faith Deconstruction: Craig Shares Experiences From his own Journey

Deconstruction is a bit of a buzz word these days, but for right reasons. Many people, especially those who grew up in a church atmosphere, find that at some point they need to rethink, unpack and "deconstruct" the theology, ideas and foundations that they were given early in life, sorting out elements that caused harm and eventually finding their way to a more complete and wholistic theology.
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